About Us

About our Founder

Geralyn Evans graduated from thee illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in 2016. *aggie pride!* Since then, she has worked as a special education resource teacher in her home city of Chicago, Illinois.

Geralyn has used nail polish as a way to express herself artistically for many years. Non-toxic, high quality nail polish at an affordable price was not always something readily available. So, Geralyn decided to take matters into her own hands by bringing what was missing to the world of diy mani/pedis...and thus after much research, work, time, and love,  glazed was born in early 2020. 


About Glazed

Quality matters...no really babes, it does.

At glazed we believe everyone deserves a high quality manicure...especially when you decide to practice a little self-care and do it yourself at home! However, we do not believe you should ever have to compromise the safety of your beauty routine just to get a cute mani/pedi. 

Glazed was founded on the basis that safe, high quality nail polish at an affordable price should be something everyone has access to. All of our nail glazes are:


non toxic

cruelty free

...and each batch is made fresh in the USA (yay!)

We take great pride in providing our customers with the most endearing nail glazes that do not include any of the top 10 most harmful chemicals found in nail polishes, or any animal byproducts whatsoever (yay!) 

Our 15ml bottles (we know, huge right!?) are filled with nail glazes of the most ravishing shades that can be worn for work, school, weddings, birthdays..literally any and every occasion :) 

Again we would like to thank you so much for taking a chance on a small business..we promise that you and your nails won't regret it! 

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments on what colors you would like to see glazed offer next. Happy creating! 




Now time to go and #getglazed :)